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Why don't we display prices?

We do not show prices on the Website as we prefer to quote on an individual, more personal basis as very often we receive unusual requests and from time to time we run seasonal offers and promotional events.

What if I decide not to rent a vehicle?

Well, we could help there too. We also have drivers available, this may be a chauffeur with a preplanned itinerary, or just a driver on a more informal basis to drive you around at your request. We also have an airport transfer facility to be used independently if you wish. Day trips and sightseeing / golf tours are also a major part of our service. These services may not be as expensive as you think!!

Can we take the car into Europe?

The answer is, yes, except Ireland (both Northern and Southern). We require to know before the commencement of each rental if the car is going to be going overseas. If our vehicle travels overseas without our permission this means there is NO breakdown cover, insurance or legally binding rental agreement between us whatsoever. The vehicle would then be travelling totally illegally and you would be wholly liable for any unforeseen eventualities - including possible imprisonment by the appropriate authorities.

What documents do I require to rent a car?

To rent any vehicle from ourselves couldn't be simpler, you require a driver's licence, two forms of identification containing the driver's home address and a current credit card. For every additional driver you require the same documents.

What age restrictions apply to renting?

Our insurance allows drivers from the ages of 25 to 70. If you are a little either side please call, we my be able to help.

How old are our cars?

Every car we operate is changed before it is a year old. This rule applies to each and every car on our fleet.

What about back up and recovery if the car should breakdown?

As we mentioned all cars are under 12 months old and thankfully breakdowns rarely ever happen! All cars are covered by manufacturer's warranty and breakdown assistance. We are part of the UK's largest vehicle rental network and a replacement vehicle could be arranged if required.

What is the procedure for uplifting a car at the Airport?

Again, it couldn't be simpler. We require your flight details and we shall personally meet you from your flight, in the relevant arrivals lounge when we shall escort you directly to your waiting car. This method dispenses with any annoying wait at a rental desk in the terminal.

Do we cover Edinburgh and Prestwick airports?

Yes we do! Please enquiry for details. Need any further help with planning your trip? Take it form the locals who know! Contact Mike at Freedom Scotland Holiday at www.freedomscotland.com These are the guys! What they dont know about planning a trip in Scotland isn't worth knowing .

Car and van rental related FAQs

Where can we collect our rental vehicle?

We are located in and around the Greater Glasgow area and have availability throughout our city locations. Delivery of your vehicle could be arranged to your required address within Central Scotland. We have airport facilities at Glasgow, Edinburgh and Prestwick Airports.We can also have a car standing at any main railway station or seaport within Central Scotland. If you need transport within the Central area - we can get it to you!

How old are our rental vehicles?

Our rental vehicles are ALL under one year old. EVERY vehicle is replaced when the 12 months period is reached to ensure a continual high standard of product.

Is our rental vehicle covered by a breakdown recovery scheme?

Yes. Due to all vehicles being under 12 months old they are directly covered by the manufacturer's assistance scheme. However, we also have additional 'Automobile Association' and 'Kwik Fit' tyre cover - both nationwide operations. So there really is plenty of cover should the unthinkable happen.

Do we have cars with automatic transmission?

Yes. While not every category is available in both automatic and manual variants, we do have a varied selection of automatic options to choose from.

What paperwork do we require to rent a vehicle?

You require a valid driver's licence, two forms of identification (i.e. passport and proof of home address) and a credit card. If the card is not in the hirers name the card holder must be present. Driving licences from most countries are generally fine, but please enquire if unsure. International drivers licences are also ok.

How old do I need to be?

Overseas drivers must be over 25 years of age and under 70. UK residents must be over the age of 21 with two years driving experience and the only range available to under 25s is group 1.

What about taking our rental car overseas? Taking a car abroad is fine but we must be notified before commencement of the rental. This type of hire is subject to a different tariff covering all relevant overseas rental charges. However, we do allow our vehicles to travel to the Scottish islands off of the West Coast without prior notice. (WITHOUT EXCEPTION WE DO NOT ALLOW OUR VEHICLES TO BE TAKEN TO IRELAND (NORTHERN OR SOUTHERN).

What about insurance cover?

Our rental quotes always include comprehensive insurance cover unless requested otherwise by the hirer. Some customer's may prefer to cover the insurance content of the rental via a scheme operated by their credit card provider - we would require confirmation of this before commencement of the rental. There is a financial saving in using this method. Any cover provided by a customers credit card would have to be fully comprehensive. Although fully comprehensive our insurance is subject to an excess varying between £250 - £500. This is deductable at commencement of the rental in addition to the rental amount. Past driving bans or convictions may be subject to increased excess rental or excess amount. We must also be made aware of any pending driving convictions or physical disabilities that may affect your driving.

Can we collect a rental car in Glasgow and drop it in Edinburgh or vice versa?

Yes, this would be fine, please enquire. We need to know before commencement of the rental.

Do we provide road maps?

Yes we do, please request this when reserving your car.

Airport transfers

What area do we cover?

Being based in Glasgow and Edinbugh, we have the coverage to be able to meet a person(s) at any airport, seaport or railway station within Central Scotland. We can also cover Aberdeen and Prestwick airports to any location of your choice within Scotland.

At what times do we operate this service?

Virtually 24 hours a day - let us know your arrival times and I am sure we can help.

Are our drivers trained?

Our drivers (transfer and chauffeur) are all Scottish citizens, some are ex-policemen previously employed in the traffic enforcement section or trained specialist chauffeurs highly skilled in their profession. Our drivers are well mannered, polite and happy to pass on any local knowledge you may wish to learn from. We also appreciate that you may wish not to be bothered while on your journey - we will also respect this.

What is the maximum number of people we can transfer?

Up to 16 people. We are also happy to provide a luggage van if required to follow at the rear.

Where do we meet?

We would meet any parties directly in the arrivals lounge and handle all luggage from there on.