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About Us

Welcome to YOUR Advantage:

The Foundations for Advantage Self Drive Limited were laid by two entrepreneurs who shared similar vision about self drive hire industry. They were both passionate to add value to the level of service that self drive hire companies were offering at the time of incorporation of this company and decided to create the ultimate Van & Car hire company. Without a doubt the company owes a lot of its success to the incomparable team, who are highly qualified and perfectly trained. They are always at the disposal of their clients .We also strongly believe that its our customers who are the main driving force and therefore their Advantage is driving the consistent growth of Advantage Self Drive since its incorporation.

We recognize that we are passing through tough financial times under such circumstances Reliability & Cost effectiveness has become vitally important for everyone and we do recognize its importance for our clients. These two objectives are our core values and the ultimate cause of our success because we believe in sharing these advantages with our customers through Advantage Self Drive.